What is WUKAR?

In order to succeed like any successful business (online or offline)  you need a 'Roladex' of responsive subscribers, customers, and business partners.

This is your Network of Connections that you partner up with and do business with. This is Your main asset when doing business online. This is the Lifeblood of Your Business.

This Simple Success Online website that you are currently reading right now shows you the exact 7 steps in order to build this Network of Connections.

This is done by following the "Make Money Online Blueprint" which teaches you to build your list (Network of Connections) by way of advertising your Capture Page in Targeted Traffic Sources and following up through Email and Autoresponder messages.

Once you have mastered this method of continuously building your email list, you can then Monetize this list (Network of Connections).  You do this by providing value to the people on your list and contributing to the marketplace (creating content and sharing it).

This is done first by becoming The Student.  Acquiring knowledge and learning from it.  Implementing what you have learned and producing results.  By going through this process you will gain experience and this proves that you are demonstrating success. ("Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal" ~ Earl Nightingale)

You are then equipped to recommend the proven methods, systems and tools you used to experience that success. You have now become the teacher, The Master.

Then (and only then) can you provide people with solutions to their problems; ultimately generating them profits in THEIR business.  By doing this FIRST, you will effortlessly and passively produce profits in YOUR business next.  This is a simple Law of the Universe which states that if you help enough people reach their goals you in turn will reach yours.

It's as easy and simple as that.

If everyone strives to accomplish this then together we will build a strong economical environment for all and in the end Everyone Wins! :)


What is heck is WUKAR you ask?  And what does this all have to do with it?

Well.. It is just like everything everything else presented to you in this website.

It is merely a tool to help us on our success path.  Albeit a very POWERFUL tool ;)

WUKAR is the vehicle in which we will use to become the best version of ourselves and reach the Masses on a Global Scale.

Do you resonate with this message?

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Angel Valenciano

"You Are Never Alone.  We Are All One."