Making money online is easy if you follow The Blueprint.

It's as simple as driving traffic to our Team Rotator URL links:

Continued success of building our team and your referrals is sustained by driving traffic to our Team Rotator URLs Daily (Doing so will accelerate your results):    <<<< MAIN TAO LIFE TRIBE ROTATOR URL  <<< Team Rotator URL 1   <<< Team Rotator URL 2

... and then following up with your subscribers.

Outlined below is the complete 'Engine' that is used for implementation, advertising and promotion.


Below are the tools and methods used currently to implement The Blueprint.

These resources are currently producing actual results daily.

All you have to do is send traffic to these high converting capture pages, and continually offer and provide value to your subscribers.

You are paid in direct proportion to the Value You Provide to the Marketplace.  This is the Law of Prosperity.

So it goes to say that if you provide daily value to your subscribers then you will be paid daily for your contributions.

This is exactly how to do this...

1. Create high converting capture pages like this and drive traffic to them:                                       <<< 3 to 5 /wk                                <<< $$$                                                    <<< $$$/plan                                              <<< 10khits        <<< teamlistbuilding

Once you capture the name and email from the traffic...

2. Email your subscribers the following links:           <<< 10khits                                          <<< masterplan                                       <<<  get 3 aiop signups for free      <<< tool to accelerate cashflow

These links combined are instructions on how to generate ongoing residual traffic to your sites, multiple signups in your business weekly, and ultimately cashflow and profits in your bank account!  All on a consistent basis.

You can use the Autoresponder Followup Email Swipes HERE (opens in different window)

By sharing
the above sites with your subscribers, you have officially shown them how to get one step closer to their goals.  This process will create a bond between you and your subscribers and they will trust your further recommendations.

This is the Magic! This is simple success online.  Consistent and Effortless referring and sales made daily.

3. You can use these tools to create your capture pages:

FREE Methods:  <<  best free autoresponder                    << best free website creator

creatives (call to action buttons):

Investing in a solid foundation for your online business will greatly accelerate cash flow and your results.It is increasingly more beneficial and profitable to create your capture pages by upgrading in the following tools.
AIOP                 << autoresponder, hosting, capture page creator, powerful comp plan and much more..
splashwizard    << splash/capture page creator

4. Knowledge centers (sharpen your skills and maintain mastery everyday):

5. Use these traffic sources to generate traffic daily:

6. Communicate with your list through email, skype, facebook, hangouts, video and teach them The Conversational Marketing Method and The Ultimate Script

These are the absolute keys to simple success online. Period!
Why you ask?  Because once you have Mastered Conversational Marketing and The Ultimate Script you are no longer dependent on 'online' marketing any longer.  These techniques are designed for the highest conversion in the 'word-of-mouth' and  'offline world'. You will be able to apply them in day to day conversation with people who you know and in your community.

Mastering these scripts Will Set YOU FREE!

7. Keep up to date with the community through our page HERE.

8. Teach subscribers & fellow tribe members to duplicate this process by sending them to our site here:


If you want a 'fully done for you campaign' where We build your capture page, load your email series, and provide traffic to your page then contact us through

Send an email to Support with "I Want A Done For You Success Campaign" in the subject line and We will shortly reply to can go over the details of this Special Offer.

"The Path of the Master is as hard to trace as the trail of a bird in the air.  Yet, learn the Path and you shall succeed."