How To Make Money Online Blueprint

I know this may seem oversimplified but when it all comes down to it, the diagram below shows you exactly how to make money online.

If you think about it though, it makes perfectly good sense.  Every offline company uses this model... They create a customer base through advertising and then offer their customers goods and services in order to make a profit.

So why should it be any different when doing business online?

It isn't, the same principles apply.

So you start by creating a Lead Capture System for the sole purpose of building your list. Our main goal online is to collect an ever growing list of emails.  This is the Lifeblood of YOUR BUSINESS.

This list will be your subscriber base (or shall we say customers and future business partners) Your Tribe.

You go about building this list by generating traffic through free and paid advertising (promotion).

Next you offer (recommend) products and services to your list in order to make money.

There is more that goes on behind the scenes of this process, but essentially this is as simple as it gets so let's not complicate things.

Flow of Cash

Our main goal here is to have advertising costs paid for and covered by profits from our business and commissions from our chosen traffic sources.  This way we build a Profitable Traffic Network with endless amount of ongoing traffic, so much so that we will essentially never have to worry about traffic again, and we will be in the position to promote and test anything we want at our leisure.

This is the Goal. This is FREEDOM.!!!

You can start advertising using free methods but to get into cash flow quickly you must upgrade in your traffic sources, tools and programs - as soon as you can.

This will position yourself to earn higher commissions and faster profits.

Upgrading in these will also greatly reduce the strain of manually advertising, thus freeing up time to do more important tasks such as income producing activities and living a life of freedom.