Advertising / Traffic Sources

Following our "Make Money Online Blueprint", the next part of the make money equation is to advertise Our Lead Capture Page.

This is the Team Rotator URL that contains our highest converting capture pages:

You can begin to promote and driving traffic to this URL link now.

Ideally we should spend most of our time advertising and driving traffic to our capture page (over 80% of the time).

This is a numbers game, and the more people that see our offer the more likely it will lead to a conversion.

By all of us advertising the similar Team List Building team page, this will saturate our targeted traffic sources, thus increasing our brand and our conversion rate.

There are advertising sources listed in our Team List Building (ad2s-team-club) Team Site under the "Get Traffic" section.

It is beneficial to advertise in all the sources listed.  Most noted should be AdCoopPays.  It is an advertising co-op with an affordable $10 ad package that you can purchase and they will deliver over 5000 hits per month.

Join AdCoopPays and purchase ad packages when your budget allows.

In addition to this I ask my personal team members to advertise in a couple traffic sources that are not listed in the Team List Building team site.

I have tested these sources and our offer converts well in them.

Join these two traffic sources here:


Traffic Marketplace

They will be the main sources to advertise every day.

The other traffic sources I highly suggest are the Top 7 traffic exchanges listed in TEHoopla.

If you are not a member of TEHoopla join HERE and then join the Top 7 TE's listed.  You are probably a member of some of them so just join the ones you are not a member of already.

We will also use the simple and powerful banner program CashInOnBanners.  Join HERE.  By having our sites in rotation through out the CashInOnBanners network we will be gaining ongoing viral traffic. 

These sites were chosen specifically because they produce results and every piece of advertising helps out in the bigger picture ;)  Trust me on this.  (Hint: We are creating a huge traffic network for all of us to use, regardless of what happens to any program we are promoting)

After you have joined these sites, contact me through Support and send me your referral links and I will put them in rotation. (You will get random referrals and sales).  Like wise you can use the form below to quickly submit your links.

Submit your referral links to team rotators

Concentrating our team efforts mainly on these specific sources will dramatically increase our conversion rate.  Remember this is a numbers game and the frequency of our site views has a direct impact on our conversions as a whole.

You may begin to drive traffic to our Team Rotator Link now.