Lead Capture System Setup

Once you are a member of the team and upgraded in  All In One Profits we will need to set up your Lead Capture System.  Click HERE to see what your final capture page will look like (or very similar too, as we keep on updating it to keep it fresh in our advertisements).

To do this, first join our Team List Building team site HERE.  Team List Building is also known as "ad2s-team-club".

Next sign into the team site and click on the blue "My Capture Page" button on the Members Home page in the back office.

Follow the 3 steps outlined in "My Capture Page" section.  They will direct you on how to set up your Autoresonder, Capture Page, and Email Series.

Once that is complete, email me your All In One Profits main referral link and your Autoresponder HTML form code.

Also email me your Team List Building (ad2s-team-club) referral link.

And your newly created Capture Page link.

I add these links to my own advertising promotions in order to get you traffic, opt-ins, referrals and sales.

This right HERE is the Our Teams Main Rotator Link. It contains the most current, best converting capture pages that is producing us results. You may begin by promoting this first now.


* (All the links in this guide are also rotated among team members to evenly distribute signups and sales among us) *