Offers to Subscribers

The next step of our "Make Money Online Blueprint" is offering our customers (our list) products and services that would benefit them.

Since they opted into our list they are most likely interested in knowing how our team operates and how that can benefit them.

The best thing right away then to offer our subscribers is a link to our Team List Builing (ad2s-team-club) site.

Or better yet to "pre-sell" them I suggest sending them to my 3 Plan page.

I have a higher, more successful sign up rate when I show people The 3 Plan page first, before showing people AIOP or TeamListBuilding sites.

There is psychology that is written into The 3 Plan page and because I personally wrote it there is an automatic connection to me and my subscriber that a generic 'team' site cannot duplicate.

For now you can send people directly to my 3 Plan page (the AIOP link on that page is rotated among our team members).

But what I HIGHLY suggest you do is write your own page.  You can use mine as a template (HINT: copy it word for word if need be for starters, just change your name on it).

By you doing this your subscribers will have an automatic connection with you... leading to an easier conversion.

What Else Do I Send My List?

Let's be honest, no one likes to be pitched stuff.  I'm sure we are on dozens of email list already and get pitched stuff all day long in our inbox, so truthfully why would you want to be just like all those other marketers out there.

What I find that works best is simply putting a downline builder link in your email signature or PS. line.

So when ever you send an email broadcast to your list they will see your signature.

For a downline builder I suggest AffiliateFunnel.  But you can use any other of your favourite downline builders you are a member of already.

Here is the exact PS line that I use in my email when I send to my list.


PS. Want to know what sites are earning me the most?

>>> Check them out HERE!


By doing this it becomes a 'soft sell' or 'passive sell', meaning I'm not having to "pitch" anything... I'm merely suggesting what's working for me and will work for you too.

By putting the downline builder link in my PS line it allows me to offer real value in the body of my email.

I like sending helpful tips or videos I have created that I find to be useful for my list.

Perhaps some inspiration I read in a book or a new traffic getting technique that's currently producing results.  Share things like this to your list and you will never have to 'pitch' ever again.

Always trying to help your list by providing solutions to their problems.  I won't get into all of this here, it's a whole other topic indeed, but you get the idea.

By doing this your list will get to know, like and trust you so that when you do offer them to sign up to something like a new traffic source or even a new program that is launching, then they are most likely going to sign up under you because you have already built a strong bond together.