Money Makers and Income Sources

Investing money into programs and promoting those programs is the quickest way to generating cashflow online.

If you have limited or no cash for investment you will have to invest your time.  From this you will be able to generate cashflow and then use that to invest into programs.

Bottom line, is that you must invest either money or time, ideally both, in order to see fast results.

Remember our whole goal is to have time and money freedom.

You will reach this goal quicker if you are able to invest even just a small amount of money into your business.

What it comes down to is a simple Law of the Universe which states "What you put into something is exactly what you will get out of it".  So putting (investing) money into your business will naturally yield money coming to you by way of commissions, signups and sales.

If you are starting out with absolutely zero money that is perfectly fine.  Many people including myself have started from scratch.

You just need time and persistence.  With my guidance you can start earning fairly quickly.

You can EARN SEED MONEY using this paid to click advertising source right HERE.

And by joining and promoting this program HERE.

If you are going this route DO NOT veer off this path.  Stay focused.  Use and promote only those two sources above until you have enough to invest into All In One Profits ($11.50).


In the grand scheme of things you earn money by promoting Your Brand and Your Main Program. This may be whatever you wish.

I am not here to tell you what to promote online to earn money.  You can make your own informed decisions.  We are all big boys and girls here :)

Based on what has worked in the past and what is currently working for me right now...

I will suggest to you by way of a simple quote one of my mentors mentioned and has always stuck with me...

"In this Internet Gold Rush, It's much easier to sell 'the picks and shovels' than it is to mine the gold."

What he was trying to tell me is that it's much easier to sell 'evergreen' products such as tools and advertising, than it is to pitch and sell the latest shiny gadget, matrix, or mlm deal.

(HINT #1: Note the items in my downline builder again right HERE.  They are all 'evergreen' products and designed to help people, not "pitch" them an opportunity they're probably not looking to join anyway).

(HINT #2: To create cash fast straight into your PayPal account JOIN THIS for $10 One-Time. Use THIS CAPTURE PAGE that they provide you in the back office.  Use listwire for free as your autoresponder and begin driving traffic to your capture page using these highly targeted traffic sources... THIS and THIS)

(HINT #3: Another quick way to create cash out of thin air is to become a member of Clickbank for free and then give away THIS free eBook. Put it on your thank you page after your subscribers opt-in to your capture page. Create these pages using listwire as your free autoresponder and the free website maker yola. You don't have to do anything except get visitors to your capture page and the ebook makes you passive [monthly] sales for you).

(*** BONUS HINT #4: If you read only one section on this website... this is the one! ***) : Many people and experts [even some of my own personal mentors] say that it takes money to make money.  I am here to say that that's Bull Shit!  Money is just another form of energy in the Universe that you can leverage, just like time, sunlight or sheer human thought power & will).

Let me explain...

Having money to invest DOES make it EASIER to create more money, I will not argue that, but it is not NECESSARY.   And since I started making even just a little profit (even as low as $1/wk)  I began investing that money into better tools and advertising which makes doing online tasks easier.

But let me share with you this TRUTH that I discovered...

I honestly started out with nothing except a computer, an Internet connection, and an idea.. I asked the Universe "How can I make money on the Internet starting with no money?".  Not to reveal too many personal details here, but I made some really poor decisions in my life and was supremely depressed, and on my last string, broke as hell.  I had to find a way, fast...  So the Universe "showed" me a way... and I began creating, from nothing... and I started with a gmail account, paypal account, yola, listwire and PaidVerts.

This is what I did...

PaidVerts is a 'paid to click' site, meaning you get paid small amounts of cash in order to interact with the site by clicking on member's advertisements and viewing them for 15 to 30 seconds.  One view usually pays you $.001.

You may say that that is totally not worth it, but in PaidVerts you are able to build your payments up to $.05, $.10, $.25, $1.00, $1.50 and more.. really quickly (usually within a couple weeks or less).  I will not go into all the details here, just trust me on that one).

PaidVerts is also great because you can buy advertising and advertise in the site for as low as $1.00. 

Do you see where I'm going here?

Now recall our trusty formula "The Make Money Online Blueprint"...  Drive targeted traffic to a capture page and offer your subscribers value...

So using yola and listwire I
created a one page offer like THIS and a simple capture page like THIS.  I would send a followup email in the autresponder series simply stating to my subscriber:

"Thanks for subscribing, This is what you're looking for....  go HERE NOW!".

I used the $1 that I earned by clicking in PaidVerts for a week, to purchase advertising in PaidVerts in order to drive traffic to my silly little caputre page and within that day I created money out of 'thin air'.) 

See proof below:

As you can see I did this on July 23 and also on August 8.  I am totally transparent here, nothing to hide.

So what do you think I did with that?  That's right I invested it into the foundation of my online business and began buying more advertising and tools that made things easier and repeated this process. 

I have Mastered the Skill of Creating different systems and marketing funnels targeted specifically to the audience of the traffic source... just by learning and applying the same exact scientifically proven method we learned from "The Make Money Online Blueprint" :)  ... and I am here to teach you this!

So when some one tells you "It takes money to make money"

You reply in kindness, "No.. not really.  It takes a little Ingenuity, Human Will and ACTION.",

Continue to let them know that,

"The only people that actually 'make' money are the people that work in the mint.. the rest of us EARN money.  We do this by providing goods and services and offering value to the marketplace.  You will then be compensated in direct proportion to the value you give."

Proceed to show them this Simple Success Online website and go on your merry way :)

See more proof below:

Remember to get back to the person who referred you to this SimpleSuccessOnline website if you wish to create payments like the ones you see above! :)